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Do you find yourself feeling hopeless or lacking energy and motivation. Do you feel like you are just getting by? Do you feel like you are trying to walk through water, with everything taking so much effort? Sometimes depression can make it seem like you are living under a black cloud that refuses to allow the sun to shine on you. It can steal your ability to enjoy the things that you used to enjoy. It can make you feel like crawling back into bed and pulling the blankets down over your head so that you don’t have to face anyone or anything. Do you feel like your depression is robbing you of the life you were meant to lead?

How to Fight Depression? Don’t Walk Alone

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the US. There are many levels of depression- from mild to severe, but any level of depression can negatively impact your life. There is no need for you to walk this road alone. Research shows that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression, and although it is a common struggle, it’s not something you must face alone.

You may assume that depression is solely biological or chemical in nature and that it severely impacts your activities of daily living. While this can be the case, there are many forms of and causes of depression. You may struggle with situational depression – from a recent loss, medical diagnosis, trauma or from the loneliness of a world-wide pandemic. Certain medical conditions have depression as a common symptom. Some people develop a seasonal depression or perinatal or postpartum depression. Feeling down or depressed is a common component of grief. Depression is highly treatable and shown to alleviate with psychotherapy. Know that you are not alone and able to have relief so that you can again enjoy all that normally brings you pleasure.

Our Depression Counselors Will Walk Alongside You

At Bareiter Counseling Center, we believe that digging deep and understanding
where it comes from is the most powerful method to help with depression. We believe in the importance of walking alongside you as you navigate this difficult journey through depression.
Oftentimes depression is related to a childhood trauma. We are uniquely trained to help you heal the pain from those experiences. You can expect your clinician to deeply connect with you and care about your concerns as we work together to peel back that dark cloud and allow the sunshine to radiate in your life.

Overcoming Depression with Bareiter Counseling Center

It is common to be afraid that facing your depression will be too much or too hard. You could have a fear of what might be uncovered and whether you have the strength to deal with it.
You might ask, “Am I doomed to be depressed? Will therapy really help? Will therapy simply be a bandaid or a temporary fix?” However, your compassionate clinician is trained to help you heal at the pace with which you are comfortable. You may feel like you are stuck, but you don’t have to remain that way. We will walk with you as you uncover the root of your depression, and give you tools to strengthen you for the journey to healing.

Counseling for Depression in Charlotte, NC

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