Rates and Insurance


The cost of therapy is always an important consideration. Our fees vary based on credentials and years of experience.
The fees listed below are for self-pay clients but if you have insurance your fees will be based on your plan.

Beth Ann Bareiter’s fee is $190.00 for initial evaluation and $165.00 for regular 55 minute ongoing therapy, $195.00 for couple evaluation session, $180.00 for 60 minute ongoing couples therapy.

Carol Hollandsworth’s fee is $175.00 for initial Evaluation and $155.00 for 55 minute ongoing therapy, $185.00 for couple evaluation, $170.00 for 60 minute couples session.

Kara Watson-Cuellar’s fee is $155.00 for initial evaluation and $140.00 for regular 55 minute ongoing therapy, $150.00 per couple/family session 50-55 minutes, $195.00 for couples/family session for 75 minutes.

Sharon Exum’s fee is $155.00 for 55 minute individual initial session, $140.00 for 55 minute ongoing individual therapy. $210.00 for 75 minute couple or family initial evaluation, $190.00 for ongoing 75 minute couple or family therapy.

Lauren Owens’ fee is $155 for initial evaluation, $140 for 55 minute ongoing therapy.

Dr. Glori Gray’s fee is $250.00 for initial evaluation and $175.00 for ongoing therapy, $350.00 per testing hour when 5 hours or less is needed (Each testing hour roughly equates to 1 hour testing + 1 hour of scoring/writing); Approximately $2800.00 is required when the typical 6 hours of testing is needed (which includes the cost of the intake). However, the level of complexity may dictate more or less hours for testing. Testing appointments are scheduled upon payment of the full amount to secure 6 hours or a deposit of $1250 for 3 hours. If you would like to confirm both the intake as well as 1 or 2 testing sessions, contact us for more details on scheduling. Please keep in mind that it may take approximately 1 month to schedule testing and 1 month for the final debriefing

Heather Durham’s fee is $145.00 for initial evaluation, $130.00 for regular 55 minute ongoing therapy.

Nancy Moore’s fee is $150.00 for initial evaluation and $135.00 for 55 minute regular session and $135.00 for couples or family session.

Richard Halliburton’s fee is $145.00 for initial evaluation and $130.00 for regular sessions.

Hannah Tomlinson’s fee is $145.00 for initial evaluation and $130.00 for regular sessions.

Katie Wagoner’s fee is $145.00 for initial evaluation and $130.00 for regular sessions.


Most of our staff are providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you haven’t yet met your deductible your fee will be the contracted Blue Cross charge. If you have met your deductible you will pay a copay which varies with each plan.

Because all of our therapists are licensed, many insurance companies without network benefits will reimburse a percentage of the fee. We will provide an insurance statement to clients who want to file for insurance reimbursement.

Most insurance companies require diagnostic impressions. You may understandably elect not to use your insurance to protect your confidentiality or to avoid a mental disorder label.

Don’t hesitate to call with any questions.


You can pay with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit or HSA card.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.

Any Other Questions

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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