Online and In-Person Therapy

Studies have shown that online therapy and in-person therapy are extremely valuable, and surprisingly, equally effective. 

This corona virus is revealing many ways that the systems we rely on aren’t working, but fortunately, therapy doesn’t have to be one of them. The initial idea of sharing your thoughts and in-depth feelings through a computer screen or smart phone, may seem a bit strange, but as strange as it may sound, I would encourage you to try it.  It has been a surprisingly good experience for many.    

In this day and age, we don’t have to be in the same room as our therapist to receive quality mental health care.  In this ultra-fast ever changing world, the way we tend to our mental health has never been more important.  Teletherapy is an excellent option to continue and/or begin therapy services in the comfort of your own home while still following the social distancing protocols. 

Why is now an especially good time to talk to a therapist? 

Currently we are experiencing unprecedented changes to our world, and the need for processing mentally and physically tiring whirlwinds of emotion is more important than ever.  People are feeling confused, afraid, hopeless, untrusting paranoid, grief, resentment, boredom, and the list goes on.  We are in uncharted territory right now, and we need support.

Our current state of affairs is having a huge impact on peoples’ mental health.   Talking to a therapist will help you understand and manage the new normal as well as continuing to work on the things that were concerns for you before the crisis. 

During this crisis, the lack of human connection that social distancing requires is adding an additional component of stress to our lives, we are fortunate to be able to keep up with our friends and family via social media, and there’s nothing like live conversation with someone, in person or video, having a designated space where you can open up and be vulnerable, and feel heard can make the difference. We are all adjusting our routines to fit this “new normal”, and making time for therapy will help you maintain the vital connection to the world and our relationships in an intimate way. 

While this pandemic is devastating in a number of ways, we have been able to be innovative and find new ways to take care of our mental health while still doing our part to keep the community healthy.   

Bareiter Counseling Center is a multi-disciplinary counseling center.  Each therapist tailors their approach to you and makes a point to meet you where you are in the healing process.  We will find the clinician who is the best fit for you and can serve your needs via online therapy.   

Therapy is still readily available!  Please call and speak with Cathy to schedule your appointment 704-334-0524 or go to our portal. 

Preparing for your online therapy session

Your clinician will send you a link and any instructions that you will need to be able to use either your computer or your phone. 

You will want to find a private area for your session.  If you don’t have a room with a door you can close you can try sitting in your car or your garage, or a closet.  For more privacy you can wear headphones during your session.   You can also download white noise apps for free on your phone (RelaxMelodies).   

If you would prefer a phone session that is another option as well.   

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