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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Experiential Group Therapy

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Do you ever feel alone in your struggles?

You may be on a courageous journey of healing.  This is hard work!  And, at times, painful.  As you explore your story and its impact on you, you may feel alone.  You might sometimes think no one else knows what you are going through.  You may have had aspects of yourself or your story buried deeply.  It can be exhausting to keep the parts of your life that you have deemed shameful hidden away.  From this place of aloneness, parts of you may develop to keep the pain or shame from conscious awareness.  These parts (such as anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, working too much, etc.) mean well but create a fortress that can leave you feeling empty.

Healing deep wounds of trauma or betrayal may be best done in a group setting.

In a small group, you will feel less alone on your journey of healing.  It is powerful to gain new friends who are in a similar season of therapy and self-exploration.  You can learn and grow through one anothers’ stories and courageous steps out of the stuck places.  Often a new or deeper awareness springs out of the reflecting another group member shares.  Group therapy is a powerful therapy method and can serve as an adjunct to your individual counseling process.

IFS and Experiential Group therapy can be life-changing.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based model of therapy that empowers you to become Self-led and (for those of faith), Spirit-led.  You may feel hijacked by parts of you in an attempt to protect or numb you from the pain of your story.  This model will help you get to the core so that your wounded parts can heal.

Experiential therapy will involve using music, art, or psychodrama to explore what is happening internally in an external and expressive way.  Psychodrama uses the group members to roleplay your story.  It could be an experience in your family of origin or your current life.  It is deeply impactful to be an audience to your life drama and participate in that of others.

Combining IFS and experiential therapy, you will explore your parts, your story, and wounds in a powerful way that leads to more profound healing.

Bareiter Counseling Center in Charlotte has uniquely trained clinicians with many years of experience in IFS and Experiential Group Therapy.

At Bareiter Counseling Center, our clinicians value advanced post-graduate training to provide the highest level of care we can.  Many clinicians have extensive experience and training in experiential and psychodrama group therapy.  In addition, our clinicians began studying and applying Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy in 2007 – continuing to deepen our knowledge and experience since that time. 

We know the courage it takes to join a group to explore your story and all the parts that make up your internal system.  We would find it an honor to walk with you and guide you in your healing journey – we will welcome all the parts you bring to the group experience.

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