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About Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based model of therapy, developed by Richard Schwartz.  IFS is non-pathologizing and empowers the client to become Self-led and (for those of faith), Spirit-led.  So often we are hijacked by aspects of ourselves in an attempt to protect or numb us from pain.  This model helps clients get to the root wounded parts and help them heal.

© 1996 Eric Hanson, used by permission

About IFS Group Supervision

In either the IFS Introductory or IFS Advanced group supervision, we will use didactic teaching, experiential exercises, meditation, demonstrations and practice or role-play.  Working in a group can prove to be a powerful learning experience.  The beauty of working with a consistent group to learn the model is the ability to learn more about your parts in the context of your story.  This deepens both your clinical learning and personal development.  We are the tool of therapy and this time of self-reflection can be invaluable.

Introductory IFS Groups

This group is for those relatively new to the models of IFS and experiential therapy.  You may have read about IFS, had an IFS therapist or even attended the IFS Institute’s Level I training, but would like to deepen your understanding of the approach.

Advanced IFS Groups

This group is for clinicians who have attended the IFS Institute’s Level I and possibly Level II training and who have experience using the model with clients.  You may want to deepen your work with IFS and journey with others applying this model of therapy.  This group will be helpful in applying IFS and experiential therapy with difficult cases, populations, or presenting issues.  We will also include applications to a variety of systems (couples and families).


Our IFS groups are no larger than six individuals, committed for six months or more at a time.  The group consists of presentation of cases, information of different aspects of the models or application to specific populations.  We will include role play and other experiential methods.  The learning may include looking at your own parts that may come in to play when working with clients.  We desire to tailor the experience to meet your needs as much as possible.

Location:  1432 East 7th Street  Charlotte, NC  28204 (or virtual) – this group will be a mix of both

Monthly for Six Months:  Two hours, Fridays – beginning May 2021

Cost:  $150

Contact:  704.334.0524;;


About your facilitator, Carol

Carol J. Hollandsworth, LCMHCS, LMFT, AAMFT-S, Certified IFS Therapist

(She is an AAMFT approved supervisor and LCMHC supervisor in North and South Carolina)


Carol is a certified IFS therapist; she has been practicing and studying the model since 2008.  It is her passion to encourage growth of the Self of the therapist, help participants work with their therapist parts and deepen knowledge and application of IFS with clients.  She has been a Program Assistant with IFS Level I training and presented on IFS in various venues.

In addition, Carol has training in psychodrama and experiential methods of therapy that may be included as an adjunct with IFS therapy.


IFS Group Supervision Registration Form


1432 East 7th Street
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