Nancy Moore

MA, LPCA, CSAT Candidate

The journey of life can be disappointing , difficult and  even destructive at times.  I offer a highly trained nonjudgmental presence that will closely listen to and honor your story.  I will gently challenge and guide you as you confront unresolved grief, anger, and sadness as well as debilitating anxiety.

How I Help

I pursue your needs and desires for counseling.  I am working for you.  I emphasize self-awareness because insight produces peace, reduces shame, and promotes change.  Although I use a variety of  proven tools and techniques. I am pursuing advanced training in Internal Family Systems therapy.   IFS gives the client a clear structure and road map for understanding the emotions and beliefs that abruptly take over and overwhelm.  l also like to use creative experiential exercises like drawing or guided imagery to enhance your awareness of your internal experience.

My Specialties


Your trauma may consist of sudden overwhelming events or of longterm chronic abuse or neglect.  Although it happened in the past you experience triggers and emotional memories in the present that affect your daily life.  After establishing a foundation of  emotional  calm we will begin to process the traumatic events and memories in ways that will reduce their overwhelming force and control.


We are created for secure and healthy connection and need relationships for vibrant life.  Yet early experiences within our families and later abusive relationships greatly affect our capacity for healthy connections.  I will help you understand  your deeply ingrained relational style.  We will process loss, disappointment and any abuse in previous or ongoing relationships that hinder healthy interactions.

Sexual Compulsions & Addiction

Sexual activity in the form of one night stands, pornography, and affairs  have become an accessible and common way to handle unresolved emotions and pursue relationship.  I am in the process of becoming a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT). This certification uniquely equips me to work with those struggling with pornography and other sexual compulsions. I am also trained to work with the partners and family members who are experiencing trauma as a result of this sexual behavior and betrayal.

More About Me

I am a Christian and am happy to walk with you as you question or struggle with your faith experiences and beliefs.  If you desire I will integrate the Christian faith into our time together.

1432 East 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204

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