Heather Conarroe Durham

Counseling is a place where individuals in all walks of life can come to experience hope and healing. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, clients can come to a greater understanding of self, work through relational difficulties, traumatic life events, and ongoing sources of stress. To this end, my aim is to create an environment marked by authenticity and acceptance, where clients feel freedom to be honest, come as they are, and explore whatever struggles they may be facing.


Trauma and Anxiety

Anxiety can be a very real part of life and can manifest in a variety of ways. By integrating behavioral techniques and coping strategies within a larger context of self-discovery, I help individuals learn to manage anxiety, practice self-care, and move toward a greater sense of peace and self-acceptance. One component of anxiety is trauma. My goal is to foster an atmosphere of safety and trust where you can explore some of the past trauma that may be affecting your present relationships and experience of life, with the goal of moving toward greater freedom and healing.

Career Counseling

I have a particular interest in working with clients facing vocational or job-related issues such as stress in the workplace, job dissatisfaction, or interpersonal conflict. I enjoy helping individuals deepen their awareness of vocational strengths or untapped interest areas, with the ultimate goal of enhancing enjoyment and productivity within the vocational space.​


Couples counseling provides a space to navigate some of the many challenges that come with building and sustaining relationships. The focus of my work with couples is on developing and restoring healthy communication and connection. My aim is to help couples better understand the dynamics of their relationship and to grow in their ability to deeply engage with one another. I am currently pursuing Level 1 training in the Gottman Method. I also enjoy providing premarital counseling to engaged couples and am a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator.

More About Me

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College and my Master of Arts in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Throughout my clinical training, I completed internships in two integrated health settings, where I served clients from diverse backgrounds facing challenges such as depression, addiction, sexual trauma, anxiety disorders, chronic illness, and mood disorders. Prior to beginning my counseling career, I worked in college ministry for four years, which gave me an appreciation for some of the unique challenges facing young adults. I enjoy integrating spirituality into the counseling process where clients so desire it.

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