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Do you feel pressure to be strong? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or discouraged and yet find it difficult to ask for help? If so, you are not alone. It is often difficult to reach out for therapy, thinking you are supposed to handle it yourself—many life situations like a stressful job, complicated relationship, loss of a loved one, parenting, etc., can trigger frustrating or painful feelings. If these feelings are left unchecked, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and even health problems. These struggles can impact your work, home life, or general satisfaction in life.

Help is Here for Men’s Issues

While studies show that women are more likely to seek therapy than men, it is essential to realize that processing your issues will help you function at your best. While the act of seeking help can be out of character, we at Bareiter Counseling Center can help you work through the pressure to live up to societal standards. “Men’s issues” can refer to a variety of concerns that men face, including grief and loss, trauma, communication difficulties, career issues, financial stress, divorce, addictions of all kinds, sexual intimacy, anger management, and more. You may not recognize how much your symptoms affect you, or you may not want to admit that you might be struggling with depression. Ignoring or masking your depression with unhealthy behavior will worsen the painful emotions. Asking for help can be challenging, but your problems can affect every area of your life without help. You are not alone in either your struggles or concern about getting therapy. It is a sign of strength to ask for help when you need it.

Let’s look at some possible signs and symptoms of a potential need for therapy.

  • aggressiveness, anger, and irritability
  • changes in mood or energy levels
  • changes in appetite or sleeping habits
  • difficulty focusing
  • feeling restless or “on edge.”
  • a higher consumption of alcohol
  • inappropriate use of drugs
  • participating in risky activities
  • feeling sad, hopeless, numb, or emotionally “flat.”
  • having aches, pains, or other physical symptoms without a clear cause
  • obsessive or compulsive thoughts or behaviors
  • thinking or acting in a way that causes concern to others or hurts work, social, or family life
  •  thinking about or attempting suicide
  • not enjoying the activities in life that usually bring you joy
  • increasing conflict or disconnection in relationships

If these are affecting you, it is vital to seek help. If your issues are in the early stages seeking help right away can prevent the symptoms from becoming more severe. You may know there is something wrong but may not know what you can do about it. Therapy can help you explore your feelings and gain a better understanding of your internal conflict. Sometimes we may feel that something is “wrong” with us and not know why. Often, therapy can help explore your struggles with a trusted confidant who will come alongside you. Therapy helps you to discover more about yourself and what lies underneath the surface.

Get Counseling for Men’s Issues in Charlotte, NC

At Bareiter Counseling Center, we have a male therapist who has a first-hand appreciation for some of the challenges you face. He offers a safe environment where you can talk about problems unique to men. Are you ready to begin easing your anxiety and feeling better about yourself? No matter the challenges, contact our office today, and you can work with a professional and trusted therapist to find solutions and healing.

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