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Are you concerned about entering counseling, wondering if this is a Christian counseling practice?

We at Bareiter Counseling Center are a community of clinicians who share a historical, Biblical Christian faith. We encourage each other to grow in our walk with the Lord through staff Bible Study, sharing our stories of how God led us into the counseling field and discussing various counseling-related topics. We are committed to providing any client who seeks our help a safe space to share their struggles without shame or judgment. We want to be imitators of Christ and show the grace, mercy, and hope that he offers. Our mission is to provide quality care to anyone who seeks our services.

Get Christian Counseling in Charlotte, NC

You may not be sure what the term Christian counseling means. You may wonder if it means the counselor will be preachy or judgmental. Does this mean we only reference the Bible to help you?

Christian counseling can mean different things to different people. At Bareiter Counseling, we see our role as professional therapists who have a deep Christian faith that is the foundation of our worldview. We see life, struggles, and healing through this lens. If you desire, we can include questions about how your faith or worldview integrates into your life. We are open to having scripture and prayer as part of your sessions.

If you are not religious, have given up on organized religion, or do not identify as Christian in the traditional sense of the word.

We will never impose our Christian perspective on you or your family. In therapy, we love discovering your beliefs and hearing how your worldview can help you in your journey of growth and healing. We want to learn your views to see the world through your eyes to the best of our ability.

Have you been judged, excluded, or hurt by other Christians or the church? Many people have been damaged intentionally or unintentionally by organizations or individuals who call themselves Christian.

We are very aware of the many people who have been wounded by Christians or in churches and families. Those whose own undealt with wounds may have come out in spiritual abuse towards you or someone you love. We welcome walking with you through healing from this insidious form of abuse.

Have you been to someone calling themselves a Christian counselor but have come away feeling it was unhelpful or damaging? Perhaps the counselor you saw seemed ill-equipped to handle your concerns.

Our Christian Counselors Look Forward to this Journey With You

Each therapist at Bareiter has all of the training, supervision, and professional credentials in order to offer the best service possible. We strive for excellence in our work, and to that end, many of our clinicians have post-graduate training in a variety of evidence-based modalities. As licensed clinicians in North Carolina (and some, South Carolina), we pursue continuing education and ethics training every year to provide the highest quality of care that we can offer.

We find it an honor to walk with you on your growth and healing journey. We will bring Christian faith into our work together to the degree that you want.

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